Accident involving "conform" guardrail ends in motorcyclist death

Last Thursday, yet another French motorcyclist died in a lethal slide against a conventional road side barrier in a road portion considered as secure. A sad example of the urgent need for motorcycle-friendly vehicle restraint systems that FEMA keeps campaigning for. Read more

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Review of collected information and annexes of the RIDERSCAN project.

Ann. n°Annex nameDescription
1 The European Motorcyclists Survey A picture of Motorcycling in Europe
Download annex 1
2 The training, testing and licencing User Survey Feedback from European riders on the 3DLD implementation
Download annex 2
3 Intelligent Transport System for PTWs User Survey A user priority rating of ITS for motorcycling
Download annex 3
4 Member States Amplifying Questions EU Road Safety Authorities views and recommendations
Download annex 4
5 Motorcycling Community Amplifying Questions Riders and Industry Safety Experts views and recommendations
Download annex 5
6 EU Stakeholders Amplifying Questions Feedback on recommendations
Download annex 6
7 European Commission Amplifying Questions EU regulatory context and feedback on recommendations
Download annex 7
8 PTW Infrastructure Priorities for Europe Comparison of existing PTW/infrastructure guidelines and other relevant reports
Download annex 8
9 National strategies analysis Comparison of existing national road safety strategies
Download annex 9
10 Awareness campaigns review Overview of PTW safety awareness campaigns in Europe
Download annex 10
11 EMF 2012 workshops Report
Download annex 11
12 EMF 2014 workshop Memorandum of the discussions
Download annex 12
13 EMF 2015 workshops Memorandum of the discussions
Download annex 13
14 PTW safety priorities Comparison of existing political priorities for PTW safety
Download annex 14
15 What makes Riding different driving LinkedIn Threads
Download annex 15
16 PTW Black/White Spots Developing a Pan-European road hazard report form
Download annex 16
17 PTW Accident Causation Factors Comparison of PTW accidents in-depth studies main factors and conclusions
Download annex 17
18 Safety Performance Indicators for PTW Safety Preliminary perspective on PTW safety relevance of existing SPI
Download annex 18
19 Access to PTWs in Europe 3DLD implementation and motorcycle access schemes in Europe
Download annex 19
20 PTW Accident reporting Comparison of police accident report forms and recommendations
Download annex 20
21 PTW Safety and EU Research Work Review of PTW-related research work from ERSO portal
Download annex 21