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The European Motorcyclists Survey

The European Motorcyclists Survey aimed at collecting information about the motorcycling community around Europe in order to have a better overview of similarities and differences in terms of riding and attitudes, and better identify the safety needs of the motorcycling community: motorcycle usage and transport habits; motorcycle equipment; accident and near-accident causation and consequences; assessment of safety-related statements on motorcycling and motorcyclists’ information sources.

The European Motorcyclists Survey was organised as an open participation survey. This method was preferred to a controlled group of riders, since interest in the survey topic was a prerequisite. However, the open participation method can create a bias in the sample of respondents.

The survey consisted of 4 parts:

  • General information: this part of the survey aimed at segmenting motorcyclists per country according to basic socio-economic information.
  • Mobility habits: This part of the survey aimed at understanding what kind of journeys motorcyclists undertake in general and more specifically with their powered two wheelers.
  • Riding habits: This part of the survey aimed at gaining more details on riding habits.
  • Safety habits: This part of the survey aimed at gaining more details on safety habits.

The survey was open to the general public in each participating country for a duration of 6 months. It was available in the following languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

Identification was required to participate, enabling respondents to complete the questionnaire in stages and preventing duplicate answers from the same subject.

The survey was advertised through rider clubs and national press.

At the end, the survey received 17,556 answers from riders all over Europe, though some European countries participated more than others. The data analysis was done by Mutuelle des Motards and SONECOM sprl.

In order to obtain European results that reflect exactly the real population and then obtained a representative data set, the results have thus to be weighted with the number of motorcyclists counted by country.

Download the result of the survey: annex 1: The European Motorcyclists Survey - A picture of Motorcycling in Europe