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The Training, testing and licencing User Survey

The Training, Testing and Licencing Survey aimed to fully understand the issues riders face in terms of training, testing and recent administrative and licencing changes, including the new rules contained in the 3rd Driving Licence Directive since 2013: Assessment of the rider training; assessment of the riding test; information about licence cost and identification of problems linked to the new licence structure.

The Training, Testing and Licencing User Survey was organised as an open participation survey. This method was preferred to a controlled group of riders, since interest in the survey topic was a prerequisite. However, the open participation method can create a bias in the sample of respondents. This point will be developed below. The survey questionnaire consisted of 7 parts:

  • Respondent details: a series of questions defining the respondent’s profile.
  • Vehicle details: the respondent was asked to describe his main vehicle.
  • Licence details: details on the respondent’s licence and riding entitlement.
  • Rider training: details and assessment of the training received by the respondent. The objective of this part was to compare motorcycle training across Europe.
  • Motorcycle test(s): details of test(s) taken by the respondent. The underlying objective was to establish an overview of the testing requirements throughout Europe.
  • Costs: identification of the costs related to gaining a motorcycle licence.
  • Problems encountered with the new driving licence rules: collection of problems and difficulties faced by the motorcycling community in relation to the new licencing rules as defined by the 3rd Driving Licence Directive implemented in all EU Member States as from 19 January 2013.

The survey was open to the general public, though identification was required to participate, enabling respondents to complete the survey in subsequent sessions and avoiding duplicate answers from the same subject. To facilitate the participation of riders, the survey was available in the following national languages: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Slovenian and Swedish. The survey was advertised through rider clubs and national press.

The survey attracted the interest of 4,016 riders from all over Europe, though only 442 completed the questionnaire. The subsequent data processing took into account only complete answers in order to have a consistent data set. The data analysis was done by FEMA.

Download the result of the survey: annex 2: The Training, testing and licencing User Survey - Feedback from European riders on the 3DLD implementation