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The work presented in this document is supported by the European Union’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport – Directorate C: Innovative & sustainable mobility (C.4 Road Safety) (Grant agreement MOVE/C4/SUB/2010-125/SI2.603201/RIDERSCAN). The content of this document is the sole responsibility of the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) and it does not represent the opinion of the European Union and the European Union is not responsible or liable for any use that might be made of information contained herein.

Updated booklet for better motorcycling: Full Control

Motorcycle riders must not only deal with a demanding vehicle without protective bodywork. We are so vulnerable that we also must take responsibility for errors and mistakes by other road users. One condition for safe riding is to master a precise riding technique which is addressed in the first part of ’Full Control’ – a booklet for motorcyclists written by motorcyclists. The second part assesses the road, traffic, motorcycles, equipment and accessories.
Download updated version here

Joint Nordic position about motorcycle safety

On monday 3rd December, seven Nordic Motorcycle organisations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, all members of FEMA, sent a common position about road safety to the governments and road authorities in their countries. The document also includes proposals for actions and cooperation crossing the borders. Read more

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RIDERSCAN outcomes presented at the Annual POLIS Conference in Brussels

: 400 mobility professionals from across Europe and beyond have come together to debate on urban and regional mobility at this year’s Annual Polis Conference in Brussels. Local and regional authorities called for putting the citizen at the heart of the Smart Cities process. A unique occasion to present RIDERSCAN outcomes.

New step in cooperation motorcycle federations

: Press release on joint position papers FEMA and FIM Europe.

Important OECD-ITF report sets new standards on motorcycle safety

: press release with reaction of FEMA and FIM on the OECD-ITF report about motorcycle dafety

The Motorcycle Vision 2.0

: The Swedish Transport Administration in co-operation with a wide range of actors, including SMC, developed a joint strategy for increased safety for motorcycles and mopeds.

2013: A good year for riders

: 2013 is the second year in a row that saw an impressive decrease in the number of people killed on Europe’s roads.

RIDERSCAN launches new survey on ITS

: With the objective to draw a European map of riders awareness and acceptance of new technologies applied to the transport systems, the survey will ask riders to evaluate their knowledge about and willingness to test, use, and buy systems, which are, for a wide majority of them, far from being introduced in the market.

European Commission attempts to bridge the gap for ITS deployment

: On Monday, 2nd of December, the European Commission organized a conference which FEMA attended on “Triggering ITS deployment”. It was the 4th Conference dedicated to Intelligent Transport System. This occasion gathered about 400 stakeholders interested in Transport and ITS.

Norway: Ban on cable barriers upheld

: What affects Europe affects all of its components, including the motorcyclists’ organizations. Yet the need to organize and defend themselves has never been so important, as more and more legislations concerning road users are designed at the European level - and not always with the citizens’ best interests at heart.

Video of motorcycle accident from the point of view of the rider

: A rider with a helmet camera was involved in an accident. Watch the video to see the potentially lethal consequences that a rider could suffer if impacting into an unsafe barrier. Fortunately, this time the motorcylist didn't suffer any major injuries.

Research shows safety improving for riders in Europe

: Research by the European motorcycle manufacturers’ organisation ACEM has shown a significant drop in fatalities among powered two wheeler (PTW) riders between 2001 and 2010. Through analysis of road safety statistics acquired from the International Road Traffic Accident Data Base (IRTAD), ACEM calculated that the overall amount of riders killed fell by 27.3% in the last decade. Broken down, there was a hefty 58.6% reduction in fatalities amongst moped riders whilst the number of motorcyclists killed dropped by 14.4%.