RIDERSCAN launches new survey on ITS

With the objective to draw a European map of riders awareness and acceptance of new technologies applied to the transport systems, the survey will ask riders to evaluate their knowledge about and willingness to test, use, and buy systems, which are, for a wide majority of them, far from being introduced in the market. Read more

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Important OECD-ITF report sets new standards on motorcycle safety

Important OECD-ITF report sets new standards on motorcycle safety

FEMA – and our partner FIM Europe – welcome the new report on motorcycle safety from OECD-ITF (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – International Transport Forum)!

Now there is official recognition that alongside the 62 million cars produced every year there are also 50 million new motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. These riders also need to be taken care of in transport and road safety policies.

The process began in 2008 with the OECD-ITF conference co organised with FEMA in Lillehammer, Norway. FIM was also present alongside experts and riders representatives from around the world. There it was agreed this report should be prepared and it has taken until 2014 to get it finalised.

The report’s principal recommendations set the frame for governments to work in, both in the developed countries and in middle and low income nations. The ITF membership includes major motorcycling countries India and China as well as those in the OECD nations.

Riders will also expect that this document is respected in policy decisions taken on motorcycling by the European Union. Many of the issues that concern riding are today taken at EU level. Political leaders and officials in Brussels are invited to take note!

Note for publication:
Based on the finding of this report FEMA and FIM have today issued the joint declaration sent with this press release.

About FEMA: The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) is the European federation of national road rider organisations. FEMA represents, defends and promotes motorcycling and the interests of millions of powered two-wheeler users across Europe. Through its 22 national organisations from 16 countries, FEMA reaches over 300,000 dedicated motorcyclists representing all social groups. FEMA’s primary objective is to represent European motorcyclists both within the European Union and agencies of the United Nations.

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