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Joint Nordic position about motorcycle safety

On monday 3rd December, seven Nordic Motorcycle organisations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, all members of FEMA, sent a common position about road safety to the governments and road authorities in their countries. The document also includes proposals for actions and cooperation crossing the borders.

The Nordic Motorcycle Council, was formed in the middle of the 1970-ies in order to stop an actual threat concerning motorcycle effects and size. Today the Council works to increase awareness about the specific needs with motorcyclists and exchange of information and good examples. The organisations have 150 000 members in seven organisation and represents 850 000 motorcyclists in Scandinavia.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users with special needs. The Council asks for a Nordic position on safety for motorcyclists with authorities and policy makers. The Nordic countries are small and in the edge of Europe. With a closer cooperation we can strengthen our influence, which is important in EU. With a common position in motorcycle issues safety can be improved with mutual research, projects and exchange of rules, regulations and guidelines. With a closer cooperation every Nordic country are able to save both money and lives.

The council hopes that the common position is discussed in a near future, on different levels from the responsible ministers to those who works at the road and transport authorities in the five countries.

The Nordic position paper on Road Safety for Motorcyclists can be accessed here.