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Motorcyclists in Sweden ride slower than other vehicles!

Motorcyclists on average are riding slower than both motorists and truck drivers in Sweden. This shows a national speed measurement conducted by The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) during May-September 2012. The Swedish Motorcyclists Association, SMC, is not surprised, but pleased that the Transport Administration’s own monitoring now proves a very different picture of the motorcyclists than otherwise often described.

The Swedish Transport Administration measurements show that motorcycles have lower average speed compared with both the total traffic but also compared with cars and trucks with trailers.

“The result is very positive for SMC and confirms the picture we have of motorcyclists as a safety conscious road user group. SMC is working actively with road safety and speed is obviously important if an accident occurs,” says SMC’s General Secretary, Jesper Christensen, adding that “there is unfortunately a small group who by their extreme behaviour gives all motorcyclists a bad reputation. Often it is not about real bikers, but those who do not have motorcycle license, are riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs and has borrowed or stolen a motorcycle.”

The average speed for total traffic was 78,2 km /h, while the for motorcycles average speed was 76,7 km / h. The Swedish Transport Administration measurements show that motorcycles are running slightly faster than other vehicles on the road for 90 km /h but slower on the road with 100-120 km /h. For example, the motorcyclists have an average of 88,9 km/h, while motorists drive 87,8 km/h on the 90-roads, which means that the average speed is lower than the allowed speed for both types of vehicles.

Motorcyclists have an average of 71,2 km/h on the 70-roads, while motorists drives in an average speed of 67,4 km/h. On roads with speed limits of 50 km/h the average speed for motorcyclists was 52,7 km/h, while motorists had an average speed of 50,2 km/h. The measurements show that all types of vehicles reduced their average speed in 2012 compared with the previous measurement in 2004.

VehiclesAverage speed 2004Average speed 2012Percentage above speed limit 2012
Total traffic 81,6 km/h 78,2 km/h 53,9 %
Cars 82,2 km/h 78,5 km/h 52,4 %
Trucks with trailers 80,1 km/h 78,3 km/h 69,7 %
Motorcycles 80,0 km/h 76,7 km/h 61,3 %

The proportion of speeding is higher among the motorcyclists, 61.3% compared with 52.4% among motorists. The motorcycle riders have much better statistics compared to the heavy traffic, where 69.7% are driving over the allowed speed limit. “The fact that motorcyclists were riding in a lower average speed compared to trucks with trailers is a nice surprise,” says Jesper Christensen.

Link to the National speed measurement 2012, Swedish Transport Administration