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RIDERSCAN launches new questionnaire on training, testing and licencing

Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) users are facing new rules on licence categories and PTW entitlement resulting from the implementation of the 3rd Driving Licence Directive which came into force on 19th January 2013. The changes will affect all riders who haven’t yet acquired their full A category motorcycle licence. The brand new questionnaire, which can be found here, aims to gather evidence from riders across Europe to gauge how the new rules affect them in practice.

In detail, the RIDERSCAN Project is seeking to develop an understanding of issues riders face in terms of how the new legislation affects motorcycle training, testing and licencing, including whether they have faced any additional costs or difficulties in registering their motorcycle or encountered problems with the authorities due to the confusion over who now are legally entitled to operate certain categories of vehicles. This is particularly relevant at the moment as there is a 3 year gap before the new regulation on Type Approval becomes active.

This survey also presents an opportunity to gauge the standard of training and testing in each Member State. Collecting the views of riders will provide a valuable tool to influence decision-makers on both the EU and national levels and serve to promote the interests of motorcyclists in the future.