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RIDERSCAN project launches

Over three years the project will create a lasting European framework for dissemination, communication and data collection on motorcycle safety. The amount of information and literature on motorcycle safety has been growing significantly over the past years. In combination with a survey addressing riders in Europe directly, a solid literature review (taking into account national as well as EU programs and policies, existing data and research, campaigns) will be performed by RIDERSCAN.

Today the statistics of European countries are hardly comparable not only because data acquisition differs but especially because the definitions vary to a great extent. The safety performance of one country and the effects of its transport policies therefore have only limited relevance to other European countries. RIDERSCAN will deliver reports focussing on 8 main fields:

  • Training, testing, and licensing
  • Data collection and statistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Accident reporting
  • Research
  • Traffic management
  • Awareness campaigns
  • National strategies

Based on the thereby collected data RIDERSCAN will develop a thorough assessment of national transport and motorcycle safety policies, promote the exchange of best practices and create a solid basis for future decision-making. The safety of motorcyclists will be assured sufficient prominence on the political agenda. Together with strong partners FEMA will be able to raise awareness and disseminate significant information to a wide range of users as well as to decisive policy makers in Europe.