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Research shows safety improving for riders in Europe

Research by the European motorcycle manufacturers’ organisation ACEM has shown a significant drop in fatalities among powered two wheeler (PTW) riders between 2001 and 2010. Through analysis of road safety statistics acquired from the International Road Traffic Accident Data Base (IRTAD), ACEM calculated that the overall amount of riders killed fell by 27.3% in the last decade. Broken down, there was a hefty 58.6% reduction in fatalities amongst moped riders whilst the number of motorcyclists killed dropped by 14.4%.

In the same period, the motorcycle fleet in Europe increased by 45% but the amount of mopeds in use dropped by 6.5%. ACEM stated that the reduction rate amongst moped riders cannot be explained with the decrease of the circulating park of mopeds because in countries such as Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Slovenia and Sweden the moped fleet has been increasing while the fatalities have dropped.

There is still a great disparity between EU Member States in terms of safety performance. Motorcycle safety has increased markedly in some countries whilst the performance of others is not as positive. When compared to the figures for the overall transport mix, the percentage of PTW riders killed has actually risen however this could be influenced by increased scope for safety advancements in other vehicle categories.

ACEM calls for further research to be undertaken to find out the reasons behind the differences in safety performance as well as PTWs to be acknowledged in EU policies as befits the 33 million users currently riding in Europe.