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The Motorcycle Vision 2.0

The Motorcycle Vision 1.0 was presented at the Tylösand Road Safety Conference 2008 for the first time. The aim was to introduce the motorcyclists’ views on the targets in Vision Zero and how they should be achieved.
Six years later SMC releases the Motorcycle Vision version 2.0, updated on the basis of statistics, research, new knowledge and experiences.

All road safety work in Sweden is based on Vision Zero. The Swedish Transport Administration states ”Vision Zero is the picture of a future where people are not killed or injured for life in road traffic. Vision Zero is an ethical approach, but is also a strategy to shape safer road transport system. Vision Zero states that it is unacceptable that road traffic claims human lives. Road safety in the spirit of Vision Zero means that roads, streets and vehicles should be more closely adapted to human needs. The responsibility for road safety is shared between those who design and those who use the road transport system.”

There were heated discussions when Vision Zero was adopted 1997. Was the vision even consistent with the existence of motorcyclists on the roads? Today, there is unanimous agreement that motorcyclists are a natural part of the transportation system.

But, despite good intentions and national strategies to reduce motorcycle accidents– when designing roads, motorcyclists as road users are taken into very limited account. There are very few initiatives of adapting the road environment to other users than those traveling by car. Sweden has the highest share of fatal accidents for motorcyclists and barriers in the world. Poor road maintenance cause accidents with serious injuries and fatalities. Many motorcyclists are killed and injured in collisions with motorists and other road users. There are no ongoing initiatives to reduce these accidents beside campaigns from SMC.

SMC is probably the most important stakeholder when it comes to improve safety for riders. About 25 % of the Swedish motorcycle owners are members in SMC. Motorcyclists states that the main sources for safety information comes from within the motorcycle community itself. Most accidents are due to human errors and the motorcyclist always has the ultimate responsibility during the ride.

This is the foundation of SMC’s Motorcycle Vision 2.0, with suggestions on how the number of motorcyclists killed or injured can be reduced to reach the set targets in 2020.

The Motorcycle Vision 2.0 can be downloaded here