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Unsafe guardrail claims another life

Stéphane Millera, co-ordinator of The FFMC (Fédération Française des Motards en Colère) at Maine-et-Loire claims guardrail impacts have been the cause of three out of four rider fatalities in the region this year. He stated; “we need to install additional beams along the guardrails to protect riders in an impact. This was recommended in an official memo back in 1998. We have continually alerted the prefecture and the general council about the dangers but works still haven’t started.”

Yesterday, 9th May 2013, 70 riders, FFMC, friends and family paid tribute to JB. Mr Millera highlighted once again the bias towards 4-wheeled vehicles in designing road-safety infrastructure and the lack of thought when addressing the safety needs of Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) users.

This accident is another dramatic example that riders’ safety requirements are not being met in the current regulations. Whereas riders claim that additional guardrails are needed to protect them from the posts supporting the guardrails, the authorities are still investing in installing unsafe roadside barriers. Across Europe, new standards are needed on guardrails to prevent further avoidable motorcycle fatalities.