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Victorian Parliament (Australia) released enquiry report on motorcycle safety

On December 12, 2012 the Road Safety Committee of the Victorian Parliament (Australia) released its report on its Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety. While on the one hand, the inquiry relied notably on a large number of written submissions from all components of Victoria and Australia motorcycle safety stakeholders, along with convened public hearings with over a hundred witnesses, the Committee also met with numerous European road safety experts, among which FEMA and several of its member associations, to identify the issues that are to be addressed in a motorcyclists’ safety program. The report introduces concrete 64 recommendations, most of which confirms the conclusions of the OECD/ITF workshop on motorcycle safety (Lillehammer,2008).

A great deal of these recommendations point out the need for greater cooperation and coordination not only amongst motorcycle advocacy groups, but also with road safety agencies, motorcycle clubs, stakeholders and groups, and members of the broader community. All the actors in traffic should indeed enhance communication and share the relevant data when developing new safety initiatives. The report insisted on the urgency to organize research, including survey of riders and drivers attitude, while providing a more efficient education of both groups to allow every stakeholder to interact better with his peers. Awareness of road users is hence further spotlighted.
The full report and all the data collected through the process are available on the Victorian Parliament website and can be downloaded via the following link: http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/rsc/inquiries/article/1409