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Swedish motorcyclists visit Brussels

A group of thirteen members of staff from Swedish motorcyclists’ organization SMC travelled to Brussels for a ‘field trip’, to take a look inside the European ‘bubble’. SMC is FEMA’s largest member organization and obviously they employ quite a number of staff that never have any dealings with FEMA or the

The preservation and use of historic motorcycles matters to FEMA

On Wednesday 16 October 2019 the European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group (EPHVG) met for the first time after the start of the new parliamentary period. In this group, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) meet to discuss policy developments which are relevant to historic vehicles. These meetings are also attended by

European Commission recognizes the importance of post-licence training

The European Motorcycle Training Quality Label received the Road Safety Charter Award in the category 'voluntary commitments' during an event organized by the European Commission in Brussels. The European award acknowledges inspirational and innovative initiatives that contribute towards improving road safety and saving lives on Europe’s roads. The award was presented

British riders reject ban on internal combustion-powered vehicles

More and more national governments are planning to ban the sale of internal combustion-powered vehicles. Members of British motorcyclists' organization MAG reject the ban the UK government wants to implement from 2040. On Saturday 28th September 2019, at their 45th Annual Group Conference (AGC), MAG United Kingdom members generated a strong

FEMA welcomes a new member organization

On Saturday 5 October 2019, the FEMA Committee meeting was held in Brussels, with representatives from motorcyclists' organizations from all over Europe. During this meeting we welcomed Belgian organization Fédémot as a new probationary member. At the FEMA Committee meeting, Maria Nordqvist from Swedish motorcyclists' association SMC was awarded the David

German riders go looking for trouble

German motorcyclists’ organization Biker Union has organized another successful bitumen rally. On a joint motorcycle tour of the Biker Union’s volunteers through the district of Ostalbkreis, problem areas for motorcyclists were photographed and documented. The problem areas were registered on the registration forms of the Institute for Two-wheeled Safety. A few

German motorcyclists join forces in Berlin

The highlight of this year's Biker Union rally, called the 'Sternfahrt' or star ride, took place at the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin's government district. The five-day motorcycle demonstrations of the Biker Union were launched throughout Germany under the motto 'Riding together, fighting together for our rights' and attracted

Acoustic cameras: do we want big brother to measure motorcycle sound?

New on our streets: ‘acoustic cameras’ or sound enforcement cameras, a combination of several microphones and a camera, designed to register and fine vehicles that produce excessive noise. When the sound equipment measures a sound level that is over the limit and recognizes the source (that’s why it has to have

Advanced training saves Greek motorcyclists cash

Greek riders can save a lot of money on insurance if the succesfully follow the advanced riding training provided by Greek motorcyclists' organization (and FEMA member) MOTOE. Motothesis, the Greek Institute of Motorcycles founded by Greek motorcyclists' organization MOTOE, is launching its partnership with insurance company Q Rep SA. Q Rep SA