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European elections 2019 – Why you should vote

With the elections for the European Parliament coming soon, many people wonder if they should vote at all. FEMA's Dolf Willigers wants to give you a number of reasons. The European Union has a bad reputation when it comes to its level of democracy, mostly because many people do not know

Can choosing motorcycle clothing be made easier?

We motorcyclists could probably use all the help we can get when it comes to choosing and judging our next, safe motorcycle outfit. FEMA’s Wim Taal investigates what we need to look for and asks if the new Australian star rating system for motorcycle clothing could work in Europe as

Looking for urban mobility solutions? Try motorcycles!

‘Walk, cycle or use public transport’. Does this sound familiar to you? It could hardly not. It is the mantra that politicians nowadays recite when it comes to urban mobility. When we all walk, cycle or use public transport, all problems will vanish into thin air. It’s a kind of detergent

LEZ’s: you can’t just ride your motorcycle wherever you like

All over Europe we see low emission zones (LEZ's) emerging. FEMA’s Dolf Willigers looks into the issue from a motorcyclists’ point of view. Low emission zones, not to be confused with congestion zones where you have to pay a toll to enter a city, are popping up all over Europe to

Sound is a sensitive issue in our motorcycle world

FEMA’s Dolf Willigers looks at sound this time and describes the legal issues. With the implementation of the Euro 4 standards, both the limit and the testing methods have changed. Sound is becoming an important issue and with the way some manufacturers deal with aftermarket silencers, we could face a

How to improve the way our road’s grip is measured

FEMA’s Dolf Willigers explains why the current way of measuring the road’s grip is not good enough for motorcycles. Some years ago, as part of a North-European tour I made that year, I rode quietly with my wife riding pillion on secondary roads from Gdansk to the small city of Inowroclaw

The Third Mobility Package can improve European motorcyclists’ road safety

After the first and second Mobility Packages, the European Commission completes the process of delivering a new industrial policy strategy on mobility with the publication of the Third Mobility Package. On the 17th of May, the European Commission published the Third Mobility Package. This communication concerns road transport and is called

Will European measures mean more safety for motorcyclists?

The latest figures show that road safety is not really improving in Europe; since 2013 the number of casualties is not declining anymore and 2016 even showed a rise in both fatalities and serious injuries. Road safety is not seen as an important subject in Brussels’ circles and especially not road

How can we make our roads safer for motorcyclists?

While infrastructure should be safe for every road user, in practise it becomes clear that our roads are designed and maintained from a car drivers’ perspective. FEMA’s Dolf Willigers asks ‘How about us?’ Nowadays much of my time is spent on infrastructure. Last year I had the opportunity to attend a

Motorcycles beat public transport every time

The fact that policymakers do not see motorcycles as a serious alternative for public transport is a missed opportunity, says FEMA’s Dolf Willigers. In recent times, the theme of transport in and around the city (‘urban mobility’) came back repeatedly in my work for FEMA. Last summer I wrote about the