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FEMA works to make driver assistance systems safe for motorcycles

A car that looks and often even acts for you; the technology is available, but does that car pay enough attention to motorcyclists? In a world where it is hard to keep up with the pace of innovation of modern, (semi-)autonomous cars and where several governments are working hard to be

One Europe? Not really…

The European Union is not as united as you may think. National laws and regulations can become real problems for unsuspecting motorcyclists travelling across borders. With the end of winter in sight, many people are preparing - or at least thinking of - journeys through Europe. This is hardly an adventure

No motorcyclists’ organization could exist without volunteers

I’m one of the few professionals that work for you. As General Secretary of FEMA my work is advocating motorcyclist interests. Not exactly an eight to five job in the office, but still something I deal with many hours on every day and get paid for. The money for my

Are we going to be sacrificed to automated cars?

Sometimes this summer and autumn FEMA’s General Secretary Dolf Willigers had the feeling that we were more involved with cars than with motorcycles. In almost all the events he visited, the subject was automated cars. Like almost everybody else I used to call them autonomously driving cars, but since Dr. Abayomi

Our message to city authorities: motorcycles are the answer!

We are riders. Therefore, we know how convenient a motorcycle is in urban traffic. I cannot repeat it enough: motorcycles are smaller, lighter, more agile than cars and therefore use less fuel, use less space, pollute less and cause less congestion. Where car drivers have to suffer from traffic jams, motorcyclists