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Motorcycles are the answer!

It sound so obvious, but when it comes to urban mobility, FEMA believes motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers should be actively promoted as a great alternative for cars. Especially during the annual European Mobility Week. The week from 16 to 22 September 2018 is European Mobility Week. Many events will be

New motorcycle test dummy is taking shape

To test modern car technologies such as Advanced Emergency Braking System and other advanced driver assistance systems, a new motorcycle test dummy is being developed. As we reported earlier this year, the interaction between motorcycles and ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) is still a problem. Motorcycles are often not detected by

Can solar panels save motorcyclists’ lives?

When FEMA saw pictures of a new Dutch experiment with guardrails, our first thought was: “Finally, a guardrail with topside protection for motorcyclists!”. It turned out to be a little bit more complex than that… A consortium* developed and installed 72 metres flexible solar panels on ordinary steel W-beam guardrails in

Fuel labelling: information to help you choose the right fuel

A European directive* requires European Union member states and European Economic Area states to improve the information given to consumers who are faced with a choice of fuels for their vehicle. To that end, a CEN standard** has drawn up common symbols, or ‘fuel identifiers’, that will be placed on

FEMA’s survey on road closures & motorcycle noise

In several European countries (like Germany and the Netherlands) more and more roads are closed for motorcycles, partly due to complaints about excessive motorcycle noise. With a short survey we want to ask you, the motorcyclist, some questions on this subject. The survey is closed, we thank everybody that participated. For background information:

Improving infrastructure safety for powered two-wheelers

The European Union Road Federation (ERF) and the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) have published a joint position paper, called ‘Improving infrastructure safety for powered two-wheelers’. Only in 2017 power two-wheelers fatalities (motorcycles and mopeds) counted for 17% of the total road victims, while accounting only for 1,8% of the

FEMA welcomes riders from Spain and Italy

At the FEMA meeting in Brussels on 2 June, the FEMA Committee voted in a new member. FEMA is proud to welcome our newest member, Asociación Mutua Motera (AMM) from Spain. Joining us with observer status, with the intention to become a full member a year from now, is Comitato Coordinamento

Self-driving cars keep making mistakes

After our already confirmed concerns, the Uber accident in Tempe, Arizona, in March and the role of the software in this, makes clear that driver assistance systems in cars need to be made more safe and that so-called self-driving cars are far from ready to access our public roads. Software We were

‘Watch out for scams with low emission zone stickers’

Buying stickers for Low Emission Zones on a commercial website might cost you more than you need to spend. Although motorcycles are allowed to enter the environmental or Low Emission Zones (LEZ’s) in most European cities without any problem, you might be confronted with them when you travel by car. Website

Is Europe ready for electric vehicles?

Some say electric cars and motorcycles are the future of personal transport, but is Europe’s infrastructure ready to provide the energy these vehicles need? Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with more people looking for alternatives to gas and diesel. A concern to many people is however whether it is possible