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Swedish motorcycle organizations contribute to a sustainable society

“It is a huge success to SMC that the government and parliament stimulate the use of powered two-wheelers and see these vehicles as smart, space-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles that contribute to sustainable cities”, says Jesper Christensen, general secretary from Swedish motorcyclists' organization SMC. Everyone who rides a powered two-wheeler understands

Belgian success: the Antwerp ban on quads is lifted

On 29 June 2009, the City of Antwerp introduced a quad ban in its built-up area and on the unpaved roads outside it. As a result, quad owners living in Antwerp could no longer use their legal vehicle from one day to the next. The ban was annulled by judgment

Romanian motorcyclists defeat unfair environmental tax

Romanian motorcyclists have been successfully fighting plans from local authorities in Bucharest to implement an environmental tax on all cars and motorcycles. Romanian FEMA member MotoADN wanted to exclude motorcycles and scooters from this tax and they have won: motorcycles and scooters are excluded and will not pay the tax. Recently, the

British riders reject ban on internal combustion-powered vehicles

More and more national governments are planning to ban the sale of internal combustion-powered vehicles. Members of British motorcyclists' organization MAG reject the ban the UK government wants to implement from 2040. On Saturday 28th September 2019, at their 45th Annual Group Conference (AGC), MAG United Kingdom members generated a strong

German riders go looking for trouble

German motorcyclists’ organization Biker Union has organized another successful bitumen rally. On a joint motorcycle tour of the Biker Union’s volunteers through the district of Ostalbkreis, problem areas for motorcyclists were photographed and documented. The problem areas were registered on the registration forms of the Institute for Two-wheeled Safety. A few

German motorcyclists join forces in Berlin

The highlight of this year's Biker Union rally, called the 'Sternfahrt' or star ride, took place at the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin's government district. The five-day motorcycle demonstrations of the Biker Union were launched throughout Germany under the motto 'Riding together, fighting together for our rights' and attracted

Advanced training saves Greek motorcyclists cash

Greek riders can save a lot of money on insurance if the succesfully follow the advanced riding training provided by Greek motorcyclists' organization (and FEMA member) MOTOE. Motothesis, the Greek Institute of Motorcycles founded by Greek motorcyclists' organization MOTOE, is launching its partnership with insurance company Q Rep SA. Q Rep SA

French research: ‘more bikes means less contamination’

For years the French motorcyclists' organization FFMC has been promoting the idea that increased motorcycle use means less traffic jams and less contamination. A report from the French National Agency for Food, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety scientifically confirms this position. It is now scientifically proven by ANSES: more powered

Advanced motorcycle training in Cyprus

The Hellenic Institute of Motorcycle  MOTOTHESIS (He.M.I.) of MOT.O.E. (The Greek Motorcyclists’ Federation) responding to the invitation of Cyprus Motorcycle Rights Club (CMRC) presented the Advice in Advanced Riding (A.A.R.) program in Cyprus. The CMRC shares common points of views on motorcyclists’ training with MOT.O.E. As it is already known,