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Swedish success: motorcycles will be allowed in low emission zones

After a strong lobby from Swedish riders’ organization SMC, motorcycles and mopeds will be able to ride in all low emission zones. In March 2018, the Swedish government announced that it is possible for municipalities to introduce three different low emission zones from 1 January 2020. The Swedish Motorcyclist Association, SMC

London bikers’ protest against congestion charge

FEMA member the Motorcycle Action Group in the UK (MAG) held their biggest demonstration in years last Saturday 21 April 2018 to highlight the unfairness of a new pollution tax that London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is threatening to introduce and which will hit some of the poorest workers in the

Stockholm introduces high parking fees for motorcycles

Stockholm City introduces one of the world's highest parking fees for motorcycles and mopeds without any kind of investigation or impact assessment for the citizens. Even though Stockholm City has concluded that motorcycles and mopeds are small vehicles that reduce congestion and are better for the environment. The cost will rise

Swedish electric bikers get a bonus

The Swedish government has announced a scheme to financially support people that buy an electric bicycle, moped or motorcycle. The rules for the government's 'electricity premiums' are ready and decided. In the coming three years 35 million Euros will be handed out annually among those who have bought electric motorcycles, electric

Norwegian motorcyclists receive a road safety award

At the FIM Awards 2017, FEMA's Norwegian member NMCU was awarded the FIM Road Safety Award. NMCU was awarded the prize for the Full Control project, that includes a booklet and a video that give riding tips for new motorcyclists and for more experienced riders as well. NMCU's Geir Strand: "Although the

Geneva opens its first bus lane for motorcycles

Thanks to Swiss FEMA member organization IG Motorrad, from now on, motorcycles are allowed to drive a heavily frequented main road in the Geneva area on the bus lane. The two-wheeled traffic will continue to flow smoothly on approximately 650 meters, thus relieving the regular lanes. Luc Barthassat, head of the

Swedish motorcyclists prove the dangers of diesel spillage

Every year there are numerous serious accidents on motorcycles and mopeds in Sweden, due to diesel spillage from lorries and buses. Diesel on a dry road surface means that the friction will be as low as on a road with packed snow. This is shown in a friction test ordered

British ban on combustion engines: what about bikes?

The British government has announced its intention to ban sales of new diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040. Motorcycles have not been specifically mentioned. The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), a FEMA member from the United Kingdom, looks into the matter and asks some relevant questions. While hybrid and electric cars

MAG UK: ‘Don’t charge bikes for low emission zones’

FEMA member MAG UK (Motorcycle Action Group) defends an exemption from user charging of bikes in the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ). MAG UK has responded on behalf of the 200,000 motorcylists that ride in London every day. Selina Lavender, MAG UK’s Chair, has shared MAG’s determination to ensure an exemption:

Belgian motorcyclists address the Flemish parliament on the use of bus lanes

More attention should be paid to motorcyclists in mobility policies, that is what minister-motorcyclist Kris Peeters and Flemish member of parliament An Christiaens ask for, following a recent hearing in the parliamentary Mobility Committee. CD&V (the Christian-Democratic party) wrote a series of proposals in a draft note to pay more attention