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Swedish insurance data: ‘Anti-lock brakes reduce motorcycle accidents’

In Sweden the number of single motorcycle accidents where motorcyclists crashed while braking, has been halved since 2015, according to statistics from insurance company Svedea. For ten years Swedish FEMA member SMC have informed riders about the benefits of ABS (anti-lock braking system) and offered advanced training for riders, to teach

Sweden: SMC’s motorcycle training gets a European quality label

The Swedish FEMA member SMC has been certified and received the motorcycle manufacturers' quality label 'European Motorcycle Training Quality Label'. Motorcyclists’ association SMC arranges voluntary training for motorcyclists and is world leading in the field. SMC is the only training organization in the Nordic region which has certified their motorcycle training.

Geneva bans motorcyclists from bus lanes

The new Geneva Government Council has ended a test in which motorcycles could use bus lanes. A year ago we were able to report that, thanks to Swiss FEMA member organization IG Motorrad, motorcycles were allowed to use the bus lane along a heavily frequented main road in the Geneva area,

Finnish government: ‘Ride a motorcycle!’

It sounds like a joke, but it is true: the Finnish government urges people to ride motorcycles to reach its emission targets. New motorcycles and mopeds are needed for traffic to reach the 2030 climate goals. "A moped or motorcycle, as part of the transport chain, can offer a more environmentally

Sweden successfully promotes electric motorcycling

The Swedish government started a scheme on 1 February 2018 to financially support people that buy an electric bicycle, moped or motorcycle. The premium is maximum €1,000 (only once per person). When the Swedish government presented the initial proposal, motorcycles were excluded. Swedish FEMA member SMC talked to the ministry and

Swedish success: motorcycles will be allowed in low emission zones

After a strong lobby from Swedish riders’ organization SMC, motorcycles and mopeds will be able to ride in all low emission zones. In March 2018, the Swedish government announced that it is possible for municipalities to introduce three different low emission zones from 1 January 2020. The Swedish Motorcyclist Association, SMC

London bikers’ protest against congestion charge

FEMA member the Motorcycle Action Group in the UK (MAG) held their biggest demonstration in years last Saturday 21 April 2018 to highlight the unfairness of a new pollution tax that London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is threatening to introduce and which will hit some of the poorest workers in the