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Acoustic cameras: do we want big brother to measure motorcycle sound?

New on our streets: ‘acoustic cameras’ or sound enforcement cameras, a combination of several microphones and a camera, designed to register and fine vehicles that produce excessive noise. When the sound equipment measures a sound level that is over the limit and recognizes the source (that’s why it has to have

Is motorcycling expensive?

According to a recently published study for the European Commission, motorcycles are by far the most expensive way of road transport for our society. FEMA's Dolf Willigers questions the research. So if we ask 'is motorcycling expensive?', don’t look at your own motorcycle and your own wallet now. This is not

Will electric vehicles really take over any time soon?

This summer the automotive websites suddenly exploded with articles about the fall-out of the Volkswagen diesel scandal: Daimler had a massive recall of diesel cars, cities and even countries announced that in ten to fifteen years they would only admit electric vehicles. India, with three million new vehicles every year,

Will self-driving cars see motorcycles?

Self-driving cars: what to think of them from the perspective of motorcycle safety? We take a closer look at the technology that is supposed to make riding safer. It came as quite a shock to motorcycle riders reading in their newspapers: recently a driver of a Tesla on ‘autopilot’ was killed

Motorcycle safety and accidents in Europe

In recent years, about 25,000 motorcyclists (m/f) have participated in surveys about motorcycle safety and accidents commissioned by FEMA and its Dutch member organization MAG. This is a summary report by Harold de Bock (MAG NL). Subjects include: How dangerous is it to ride a motorcycle in the various individual European

Marchel Bulthuis: ‘The future of motorcycling is electric’

Picture: Peter Musch

More and more motorcycle manufacturers are building bikes that use ‘alternative fuels’ and electric motorcycles could be the future if we want to keep riding without using fossil fuels and without polluting our environment. To find out more about electric motorcycles, FEMA talked to Marchel Bulthuis, a Dutch importer of a