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Do motorcyclists need to stay in control?

FEMA’s mailboxes overflow with messages about autonomous driving cars, C-ITS (connected intelligent transport systems), or just ITS, smart roads and other developments that suggest driver-free traffic in the very near future. Or at least a situation where control is more and more transferred from human drivers to machines. Daily new developments,

Around the world in 80 days – on an electric bike!

A group of 30 students at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands started the STORM project in the beginning of 2014. In September 2014 they started building their motorcycle. Now they not only have a working electric motorcycle with unheard-of specifications, they also invented a way to ride

Harley-Davidson’s Project LiveWire

The LiveWire experience, under this name Harley-Davidson is collecting responses to its electric motorcycle. Electric motorcycles are part of our future and a way to make motorcycles cleaner. Harley-Davidson has made quite a show. As a kind of travelling circus the company goes all over the world with its LiveWire experience.

Europe and mandatory riding gear

Dolf Willigers looks at the next motorcycle issue on the European agenda: mandatory motorcycle clothing. Who thought that after the new rules on type approval, the third driving license directive and the European wide mandatory periodical technical inspections for motorcycles we had our fair share of ‘Brussels’, should perhaps adjust his

The motorcycle of the future is already here

Dolf Willigers takes a closer look at the hydrogen fuelled, electric powered Suzuki Burgman. End of the internal combustion engine? Get used to it: between now and 2050, the motorcycle engine as we know it today will be credited in the line of sedan, horse coach and steam locomotive. Perhaps not entirely